TURACO Services

Go Digital

· Automate your manual and paper filing processes to electronic data systems

· Online backup and security

· Work healthily and be more productive

· Pay only for the services you use


Case Management

· Manage records, referrals and cases efficiently

· Identify critical business processes and automate through workflows

· Use dashboards for high level data for overview of business status

· High level security for access to data

Photography Portal

· Free and secure client access to uploaded photos

· Online Storage Solutions

· Email security and anti-spam solutions

· Private Email domain


· Manage sales channels and customer relationships

· Integrate with other departments in your organization

· Track communication with lead and customers


· 24/7/365 support available

· Customization and software configuration services to suit your specific needs

· Bi-lingual (French and English) support available


Data Architecure

Data Integration

Mergers & Acquisistion Data Migration


Secuirty & Ransomware

HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

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