Rise Africa, Rise

Imagine an African student or a student with interest in African studies learning history of countries and cultures from Africa as written by African authors. Imagine such a student learning about the fight for freedom of Rhodesia, the success to rename it to Zimbabwe and the praising of the rebel leader, the distribution of land to the people of the country. Then the same or more authors study and write freely about the same rebel leader acting and behaving as if he owns the ‘newly’ renamed country and refuses to leave office for others to advance to the next stage. To allow freedom for new ideas to be expressed without threat or defamation. What will the new generation become if they get to grow and learn freely to be able to express themselves with a love for their Nation State first, before their personal gain. Again I quote the great poet and prophet Bob Marley, “One Love, One Heart”.

I remember visiting the Victoria and Albert museum in London, England. I left with a strong feeling of anger after seeing items on display that can never be found or dug up on any land piece anywhere on the British Isles. They took those items from me with violence, lies and divisive manipulation. Now Africans must stop doing the same among themselves. Tribal warfare and selfish greed combined are our biggest enemies. The enemy within that extends to even ‘the so-called cribs’ in gang warfare in the United States. I am different from you. I am better than you. No you are not. Two feet, hands, eyes, breasts, butt cheeks etc. We share the same anatomies as the same single species. There is no differentiating in the term Homo Sapiens that denotes skin color or pigment.

I had a very interesting conversation with my two sons on Friday. They wanted to know my view on the George Floyd situation because they both know that their dad can be passionate and very opinionated in his arguments on any given topic. After several arguments ranging in high and low decibels, they both said something that filled my heart with joy. For different reasons, both have traveled extensively worldwide including the US, particularly the South. Both said repeatedly in the argument that the traveling made them consider themselves as “privileged”. Two young black men. Exactly why i moved them from London, England to Canada.

Let me throw a gauntlet in closing to see what responses I get. Personally, I despise political systems with just two parties. I believe that there should be one or more additional disruptive (smaller if necessary) parties involved. Canada has the NDP, Bloc Quebecois and Green parties for this, brilliant. UK has UKIP, the SDP plus other regional parties, great.

What if the minorities in the United States register a third political party that sets about as it’s priority target to educate and convince the underclass that never votes why they do in fact hold power and must use it by voting for them? Surely this, among other things will kick start change. Fear, after all, forces the politician to listen and promise to act.

Finally, since I like to include and reference African leaders specifically, I would like to point out how significant it is that during this current Action for Change, only Leaders of Legendary status are mentioned and quoted. The likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammed Ali etc. I am yet to hear the name of an African thief ‘head of state past or present’ mentioned or quoted.

Build legacies not from degrading your countries resources or pilfering the wealth but from contributing to its struggle to rise and grow. Create a platform for future generations to excel, because they can. Allow unconditional press freedom. Building a nation is not difficult because the text books are written in how to do it and others have done it many times over. Kudos to Rwanda for proving this on the very same continent.