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Is Defense The Best form of ATTACK

Coming from Europe as I do, my favorite sport unsurprisingly is soccer. We have the eternal arguments in the game for what makes a good team. An attacking team or a defensive team? Certainly, you must attack to win. Likewise, you must defend not to lose. And for all my love for soccer with the art of defending of the Italians and the flair of attacking from the Brazilians, it probably took a match from a different sport to open my eyes to how wide strategies between the two forms (attacking and defending) can lead to success. That game was the 2008 NFL Super Bowl LXIII when the attacking skills and flair of the patriots was so brilliantly nullified by the defensive strategy employed by the giants.

How does this relate to computing and information systems I hear you ask? Well, while businesses and organizations were dragging their feet to fully implement strategies flexible working, remote access, build trusted relationships between employer and employee, suddenly the vision is enforced 20 – 20. So, I ask the question, will defense be the best form of attack for businesses over the next decade when it comes to devising IS/IT strategies? As someone i have high regard for, Frank Abbruzzese, president of AlphaKOR likes to remind frequently, prepare in advance for ransomware attacks and pay specific attention to cyber and online security threats.

These are real threats, particularly so in these times with more people working from home. Choose your strategy. Choose a third party vendor to help you achieve your goals. Be better prepared than your competitors. Research firm Forrester in a report suggests that the rising tide of ransomware requires a commitment to best practices. Finally, i pose the question, what is the value of your data? According to Dun & Bradstreet, data is an asset. So, how well are you protecting your data?