Feeding Forward

So popular is requesting feedback from customers, clients and prospects to tell us what they think of our products, service, or even what they would like to us do better to improve. As simple as this model is, I can’t help feeling that there is something latent about a reactive method to gain insight from which to plan and develop forward planning strategies.

I say this because I hold the belief strongly that a company’s DATA carries highest value. Therefore, by already having and owning DATA, companies and organizations already have the opportunity to ‘mine’ their existing DATA from which, using various KPI (Key Performance Index) and other methods creates the opportunity for a ‘Feed Forward’ scenario.

In science or engineering, Feed Forward is a method of control where the aim is to ‘create/engineer then feed/pass forward’ into another mechanism or chamber depending the device. This is a loose definition in the hope of providing clarity to my argument. That said, the point is, study and analyze what you already have, gain insight from it, create new opportunities instead of waiting for FEEDBACK which comes in various guises including unreliable response, competitor attempting to cause damage, or not enough responses for scientific analyses.